Advanced Robotics Group is the Exclusive Distributor of SLAMTEC & SANBOT Robots in

Australia and New Zealand

SANBOT is a world-leading provider and industry pioneer for service robots with autonomous localization and navigation. It integrates SLAM(Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) based on a laser range scanner and matched pathfinding function to build a high precision 3D map


  • Cloud Remote Management

  • Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping

  • Autonomous Recharging

  • Multi-Story Building - Mapping & Navigation

  • Supports further Extensions



  • Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile Information Desk

  • Telepresence Device

  • Robot Waiter/Waitress

  • Items/ Articles Delivery

  • Remote Security

  • Warehouse Inventory Management



  • Precise Localisation Navigation and Mapping

  • Mobile Autonomous Data Acquisition

  • Modular and Adaptable

  • Ultra- Lower Power Consumption

  • Enriched Personal Experience



Advanced Robotics Group is the Exclusive Distributor of SLAMTEC Robots in Australia and New Zealand, and is the Exclusive Distributor of SANBOT Robots in Australia

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