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Engineering Services

  • Concept & Engineering Design

  • Automation and Control Systems

  • Systems Integration

  • Installation and Commissioning (Mechanical, Electrical & Software)

  • Total Project Management

We offer our clients a full range of ‘in-house’ service capabilities including mechanical, electrical
and software engineering support.

Engneering Services
Automation and Robotics

Automation & Robotics

  • Industrial Robots

  • Robotic Pick and Place Systems

  • Robotic Handling Solutions

  • Robotic Palletising & De-palletising Systems

  • Robotic Vision Solutions

  • Robotic Welding Cells

  • Robotic Metal Finishing Solutions

  • Collaborative Robots

We have a strong record of developing highly specialized solutions, tailored to improve operational performance and productivity, and extensive experience in managing automation projects for a broad range of industries and companies.

Breakdown and Maintenance

Breakdown and Maintenance

  • Maintenance and Service Support

  • Robot and OperatorTraining

  • Robot and Machine Upgrades

  • Programming Support

  • Spare Parts

We help to prolong the life of your equipment and keep your investment working more efficiently with our optional preventative maintenance agreements.

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