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Advanced Robotics is a leading turn-key provider of automation, robotics and professional service solutions. We are a proud family business servicing a wide range of industries for over 30 years with a dynamic and specialised team of people focused on delivering customer-driven outcomes.
Based in Melbourne, we specialise in providing Robotic solutions, System design & integration, Software control & PLC automation, Turn-key project delivery, Maintenance and Service support.


Our core competencies are based on processes, with integration capabilities to support a vast array of industries, including Materials handling, Food & Packaging, Robotic Welding, Trimming and Polishing. With in-house design & drafting capabilities taking initial concepts through to detailed solutions, together with our material and component fabrication and assembly resources, our offering is a unique “one-stop shop” capability.


At Advanced Robotics we work closely with industry leaders to offer a range of customised and cost-effective solutions from large industrial robotic applications down to small service robot solutions, including:

Robotic and Automation Services
- Concept and Engineering Design
- Automation and Control Systems
- Systems Integration
- Installation and Commissioning (Mechanical, Electrical & Software)
- Project Management

Robotic Systems
- Industrial Robots
- Robotic Pick and Place Solutions
- Robotic Palletising & De-palletising Systems
- Robotic Welding Systems
- Robotic Metal Finishing Solutions
- Collaborative Robots

Customer Support Programs
- Maintenance and Service
- Robot and Operator Training
- Robot and Machine Upgrades
- Programming Support
- Spare Parts

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