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Dobot CR3 Collaborative Robot

Dobot CR3 Collaborative Robot

Empowered by a wide range of payload from 3 to 16kg, our cobots are applicable to multiple industries. They operate in a 6-axis mode, enabling a high level of flexibility.

The CR3 series collaborative robot is a flexible solution to various industrial pain points, including high level of reliability, decreased labour costs, and safety.

DOBOT ecosystem boosts the automation environment, consisting of a wide range of end-effectors and other accessories. From suction tools to force sensors, our robot ecosystem serves the tastes of various customer needs.

Experienced in operating in multiple applications, including loading and unloading, sorting, assembly, and others, the DOBOT ecosystem is also suitable for rich production characteristics, such as objects of different sizes, shapes, weight, and even tactile perception.

DOBOT CR collaborative robot series is expandable to a wide range of accessories to fulfill businesses' multiple needs and applications.

Improve the flexibility of your product line and production efficiency by using an easy to deploy CR collaborative robot within 20 minutes to set up and quickly put into application within 1 hour to perform.

The software and arithmetic technology makes the operation and management of the CR collaborative robot series intelligent and straightforward. It can accurately emulate human actions by demonstrating the path. No programming skills are required. The demonstration mode learns from hand guided demonstrations, recording and reproduction to safely conduct the necessary process.

The CR collaborative robot series is recommended not only because of its extensive portfolio of end of arm tooling devices but also because of universal communication interfaces. Featuring multiple I/O and communication interfaces makes the CR collaborative robot series widely expandable and compatible with many end of arm tooling devices. As a result, CR collaborative robots satisfy a wide range of needs in various application scenarios.

The CR collaborative robot series is solid and durable to ensure a long life span of 32000 hours of service life. It also has tight tolerances to ensure the investment's security and higher ROI.

DOBOT SafeSkin (add-on)
DOBOT’s exclusive SafeSkin technology is a wearable non-contacting collision detection product for collaborative robots.
With the electromagnetic induction in SafeSkin, the CR collaborative robot series can detect an electromagnetic object quickly within 10ms and stop moving to avoid contacts or injuries until the object moves away and resume operation without compromising production automatically

Applications Includes
CNC, Packing & Palletizing, Injection Moulding, Machine Tending, Gluing, Dispensing & Welding, Handling, Polishing, Screwing, Assembly and Quality Inspection.

If you have any questions regarding DOBOT products, our team is ready to answer all the questions and provide you with essential information upon specification, pricing, and other details.

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