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6kg Payload 1456mm Reaching Distance Welding Robotic Arm

6kg Payload 1456mm Reaching Distance Welding Robotic Arm

  • The 6kg payload robotic arm is mainly used for arc welding, with high reliability and excellent value for money. Its features are as follows.

  • Hollow structural arms and wrists, built-in welding cable, able to operate welding procedure in narrow space, lightweight, compact structure.

  • By installing protective cover, you can rest assured that it can be used in a variety of harsh environments (dust and drip)

  • Large workplace, fast running speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, suitable for quality demanding welding applications.


  • Technical Details

    Model QJR6-1400H
    Axis   Number 6
    Payload 6kg
    Repeat   Positioning ±0.08mm
    Max   Armspan 1456mm
    Motion Range J1 ±168º
    J2 ﹢159º,﹣97º
    J3 ﹢95º,﹣125º
    J4 ±183º
    J5 ﹢129º,﹣126º
    J6 ±360º
    Max Speed  J1 217 °/s
    J2 217   °/s
    J3 240   °/s
    J4 360   °/s
    J5 320   °/s
    J6 974   °/s
    Allowable Torque J4 12.12N.m
    J5 12.12N.m
    J6 2.94N.m
    Inertia Moment  J4 0.26kg.m2
    J5 0.26kg.m2
    J6 0.015kg.m2
    Robot   Body Weight 150kg
    Power   Capacity 2.65VA
    Cabinet   Size 580*600*960mm
    Cabinet   Weight 130kg
    Source Three-phase   four-wire
    Installing   Form Ground   Mounted/ wall mounted 
    Application  Welding
        With welding package(welding machine aotai AMIG   350R or Megmeet Ehave CM350AR, wire feeder, anti-collision welding gun
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